Cogitatio: Priorities

Cogitatio For The First Week of February, 2018 A.D.:

The United States Constitution calls for freedom of religion but does not call for the complete separation of Church and State. Millions of children prayed in schools, thousands of crosses were raised on city property, untold numbers of official meetings began with solemn Christian prayers before courts twisted the words of the founders against the country they created.

Little could the founders have imagined not only that, but the inconceivable: that a religion of progressivism would arise, trying to chase faith not only from the schools and town halls but from the public square. Christianity was to be replaced by a radical secular faith, intolerant of tradition, one that revered only its own sterile politics of death. Prayers have been replaced by teaching every kind of freakishness in the schools, all of which is alright because the new orthodoxy avoids calling itself a religion.

Only at this late date does it finally truly reveal itself. Pain-capable infants are subject to death before birth, free speech is chased off campuses, freedom of religion is forced to accept what the government decides our values should be.

Still, lies will always be lies. Love is not toleration of every action, it is willing the good of the other, including steering him or her away from bad or immoral choices, and (gasp) calling him or her to task when they are made. Faith is not whatever you can justify in your tiny mind, it is set out by God in clear and distinct ways. If something is true, it is true for you and everyone else, everywhere, always. Christianity was at the heart of our democratic republic, and without it we have gone spinning off into a bizarre land where words mean their opposites and where the immoral is only bad before the spin team arrives.

It is, in a way, a testimony to the living Christ that He held this vast western culture together for so long. For over a millennium His heartstrings tugged at us, pulled us in, kept us just moral enough, rational enough to develop and live together.

Then, within just three generations of our driving His faith from the public square, from becoming “post” Christian, our society is showing that it cannot hold itself coherently together without Him. It is showing that we need Jesus Christ at the center. That without our Lord and Savior we will spin apart into a million different pagan pieces, a wasteland of tribes living in a morass of moral confusion with a feckless government telling us what to believe.

How we regain what we were and re-install Christ as our King is not certain. What is plain, though, is that we must before we are all lost.

Author: Traditian Order

The Traditian Order account is run by the Grand Master of the Order and/or a member of its Governing Council.

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