Cogitatio: The Opposite of Mercy

Cogitatio For The Second Week of February, 2018 A.D.:

This week we learned that the Holy Father received a letter two years ago informing him that Chilean Bishop Juan Barros was a child molester. The bishop’s nefarious acts had been a major story in Latin America years before, and it is simply improbable that the Holy Father did not know of evidence against the bishop despite his publicly claiming that there was none.

This may prove little other than the fact that the current Holy Father sees the world as people for him and people against him, and readily defends the former and decries the latter. Regardless of the Holy Father, though, the underlying issue is the abuse and molestation of children.

There are defenses, of course. The number of priests involved in these atrocities resembles the number of the general public, or teachers, or clerics that work with children in other religions. The important point, though, is that the faith is not just a font of mercy. We all want mercy for the things we have done, but an overabundance of mercy is nothing other than an injustice.

It is justice, not truth, that counterbalances the mercy that is cause of the day. God is absolutely love, but for his creation to make sense, there must also be justice. Priests who have molested children, bishops who have hid them from view, both should have every expectation that they will burn.  Such is justice.

The movies and news want to separate the homosexual priest issue in the Church from that of the molestation of boys by priests, but reason simply will not allow the separation. There are many homosexual priests, perhaps even 50 percent of all priests in the West, and certainly not all of them would be so vile as to prey on children, but the honest would admit that there is a strain of pedophilia in the homosexualist movement, and without our recognizing that truth, no remedy will ever be found.

Whatever your partisan choices, whatever movements you relate to, whatever causes you identify with, we must all recognize that the victims of clerical abuse are victims to be believed and welcomed into the Church with the greatest of love, and the predators who victimized them are to be left to desperately seek their remedies or burn in eternal hell fire for their actions.

We live in an age where mercy and love are heard in every corner, but that does not mean that the Wrath of God will not find you and burn you forever if you put your self, your beliefs, or your friends before yourself.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, forget it at your peril, even in the age of mercy.

Author: Traditian Order

The Traditian Order account is run by the Grand Master of the Order and/or a member of its Governing Council.

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