Consecration To Jesus Through Mary

Reubens Immaculate Conception
Rubens, Immaculate Conception, 1628–1629

Just as the light of the moon is actually cast by the sun, devotion to the Mother of God is equally an effort toward a better relationship with her son.  This simple principle has been understood from the earliest ages of Christianity, before the splits away from the Church He founded, indeed before the Bible was even written (reading on the early Church in this regard is highly recommended).  Mary is central to the life of Jesus, and thus central to us, and there simply is no better understanding than that.

Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort (31 January 1673 – 28 April 1716) was a French Roman Catholic priest and Confessor.  In addition, he was one of the great writers on the topic of Mariology.  His grandest work on the topic was his “True Devotion to Mary.”   It has been inspirational to many since, with Pope St. John Paul II saying that reading this work was a “decisive turning point” in his life.

The first translation into English of the True Devotion was done in 1863 in London and it has been translated many times, and been central to understanding Christ and His Mother since, including for Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, who examined these writings closely and developed a similar system.

Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort

On April 10 members of  the Traditian Order will begin a 33-day consecration to Jesus through Mary of the sort Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort set out for the ages.

We will be using a text only one translation away from de Montfort’s.  The language may be a bit archaic, but it is a true translation and it is available in multiple affordable formats for our brothers and sisters and for any who would like to join us.

The exercise is a series of prayers and meditations, one for each of the 33 days, and on the last day, always a Marion holy day, a consecration is made, normally in a Catholic Church.

The consecration of our knights and ladies, and also of our Order itself, to Jesus through Mary, will culminate on May 13, the day of Our Lady of Fatima.  As such, the Order will take it as an additional duty to re-educate modernity on the miracle of Fatima that so captivated the world of the 1850s and the details of which are still deeply known and felt by tradition-minded Catholics.  The miracle of the Sun was a staggering event, with dozens of witnesses, and the messages the children of Fatima received from Our Lady of Fatima claimed to, may have, and may yet, decide the course of history.

The version we are using (here) is available for as little as 99 cents if you download the free version of Kindle, or for around $6.00 if you want the paperback.  This way our knights and ladies, and anyone who wants to participate with us, can do so using the same reference, in effect praying together.

Feel free to do your own research on the consecration and download or order the version you think best for you.  If you have never heard of it, or if you have done the consecration before, all are welcome to join us.  And feel free to post any questions in the meantime.

I expect we will be talking about what we’re reading and feeling as the 33 days run, and your thoughts will be more than welcome on that score as well.

Author: Traditian Order

The Traditian Order account is run by the Grand Master of the Order and/or a member of its Governing Council.

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