Comments for the Ages?

preservationLearn Tradition.  Defend Tradition.  Teach Tradition.  Those are the three mandates on the members of the Traditian Order.  We have now launched a series of pages to begin in earnest the job of teaching Catholic Tradition on our website.  We have divided history into 10 Ages and listed them on our Tradition: Resources page.

For each, we want to list concise, persuasive and educational links from online.  It is the age of technology, and the place where many get there information is online.  We want each page to primarily list resources that can be found, read or downloaded from online.  For each category we will also have a list of books for those who have advanced beyond the materials listed online.  Also, where possible, we want the lists to focus on beginning materials, with more advanced materials included further down.

What’s left to do?  We need to identify the best online resources for each Age.  The web is a big place, though, and we’ll need your help.  Please find the Age you are most interested in or knowledgeable about and go down to the “Leave A Reply” box, then leave a comment letting us know where else to look!

We need your help in our missions to both learn and teach tradition through our site, please give it a few moments of your time to help our cause!

The link to the ten ages is on the right-hand side bar of our webpage our they are listed on the Tradition: Resources page!  Thanks for your help!

Author: Traditian Order

The Traditian Order account is run by the Grand Master of the Order and/or a member of its Governing Council.

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