Cogitatio: Christ Was Here

Cogitatio For The Fourth Week of April, 2018 A.D.:

The month of April, 2018 has been a poignant one for Christianity.  It ends with the English medical and court systems basically leaving little Alfie Evans to the elements, despite so many prayers and opportunities for him to be treated elsewhere.  His life at the moment hangs in the balance with no telling what will happen except that England as a nation now leaves behind the last shreds of its Christianity, opting for whatever comes after.  It was all a stunningly pre-Christian, even pagan, tableau.  Leave the weak to fend for themselves, it’s better off if they go, no use for them to suffer, and no need to worry because the tyrannical state will decide it all for you.

This, of course, is the same England that is going the way of Germany vis-a-vis cultural suicide in the name of tolerance in the face of the consequence of rising violent crime against it’s own citizens. And demanding the same from the European nations to their East that see what is coming, that recognize the impending fall of the West.  There is not enough Christianity in the English government to even suggest a shadow of doubt on a whole range of issues that once would have been decided in the opposite direction based on a Christian morality. It is a stunning blindness, all but demonic for those with eyes to see.

Nowhere is really safe from the modernist shrug at the supernatural, the embracing of a vague set of priorities where once there were timeless principles. Christian values are now odd, foreign, judgmental and inapplicable in the once-great nations of the West.  They are post-Christian nations now, which is just another way to say no longer Christian, they have fallen back to where they once were, centuries ago.

They return to superstition and myth, vibes, crystals, the sending of good feelings and any other silliness of the moment.  The inconvenient are killed before birth, particularly if they might not be healthy enough to produce.  The weak at the other end of life are encouraged, if not yet required, to consider the cost and burden of their continuing to live.  The State is raised up again, to be looked to for all of your needs, as God is pulled down from his high places.  Even life itself must answer to the Godless State.

This is the Post-Christian World, this is the cost of putting man on the highest pedestal.  It is like a rolling back of the film, watching the good news of Christ be pulled backward and away.  It is a tragedy and a farce and it is really happening.

Who can say what will come next, but there will be plenty of opportunity for heroic virtue, endless small decisions each day to increase holiness in a declining culture, a genuine time to take a stand for Christ, and a desperate need for actions to re-Christianize the West and the world.

A poignant month indeed.

Author: Traditian Order

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