The Feast of St. Benedict

benedict3Today is the Feast of Saint Benedict, a great and holy day in the calendar of the Church. If you make the smallest effort you will be able to learn all about this man and what he accomplished in his life, which is highly encouraged.

At the Traditian Order we are particularly grateful for him and his life because, as Rome was falling and holiness was scarce, he brought together the western monastic movement. The holy then, could go into the monasteries and nunneries, away from the falling civilization around them that seemed doomed to erode into paganism once again. There they would learn, work, worship and, perhaps even unknowingly at the time, preserve an entire culture.

The parallels to this age are unavoidable. Western civilization now seems to be passing into a “post-Christian” era of increased chaos and neo-paganism that is hostile to tradition and the faith. Perhaps the mainstream can be re-converted for Christ, but very likely it will take more time than we think.

In the meantime, anyone considering the life of a monk, nun or friar should take that decision very carefully, because prayer is the most important work of this age. Those who cannot, though, have other options. Humbly, the Traditian Order is one of those options.

Our mission is to learn, defend and pass on the faith and traditions of the Church. There are some 80 members and we are looking for people who can help with some of the lifting in this weighty cause. We are looking for members, we are looking for leaders. Leaders who look at Saint Benedict and understand what drove him, because that very drive changed the world.


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