A Call For a Supernatural Reaction

Fra Angelico Final Judgment

While it was a worldly force that may have found its way into the Church regardless, modernism, the mother of all heresies, a philosophy that eschews the supernatural aspects of the faith, began creeping into the Church early in the last century.  That is, if not all the way back to the “Enlightenment.”  Regardless, it was finally powerful enough to exert its influence in the 1960s, coinciding with the Second Vatican Council.  As the world became post-Christian and less supernaturally aware in the decades following the counsel, this toxic worldview spread within the Church with less suspicion and increasing vigor.

Whenever and however it came, though, it came and it brought with it human carriers of the unchristian views that sexuality was not a moral matter, that the longtime traditions of the Church were unimportant in light of human progress, and that Heaven and Hell were not matters that the simple faithful needed to worry their little “souls” about.  These collected views, of course, are a disease, an infestation that entered and spread, and whenever those who believed these falsehoods got into power they were able to sculpt the internal Church more and more like their distorted vision–the clerics, overall, became more worldly, the holy sacrifice became more of a jolly little get together, ecclesiastical crimes by clergy such as sex outside of marriage, were measured by the consent, rather than the sin, of the parties.

How worldly.

Perhaps at any other time in history all of this would have been recognized as precisely what it was: a diabolical attack.  But the acts so matched the progressive march of the culture that the plain sinfulness of it all somehow became less visible to all but the most faithful.  The rot festered and grew.

While many who identified themselves, for whatever reason, as homosexuals recognized that sodomy was disordered, a sinful act against nature to be disdained and avoided, some, including within the Church, were prideful.  The individuals were of God, the choice, though, was theirs, and many chose unwisely.  These could not do wrong–through whatever justification they (and whomever was whispering in their ear) could conceive of, they believed themselves to be above judgment.  You can tell the world it is wrong to judge you, but regardless you will be judged.  Particularly so where you begin to pridefully rebuild your worldview into one where you can do no wrong, where you seek to spread the evil you have now accepted.  From such a disposition rot enters your soul, and thoughts you cannot fight enter your mind.  Corruption begins, and spreads.

Imagine now flipping on the television today to see a contemporary bishop explaining, in an age of predatory cardinals and seminaries where sin is taught and spread, that this exposed and infested sore is not a crisis.  Or others who try to explain that other faiths or public institutions have similar problems with these horrible evils so the Church’s issues aren’t so astonishing by comparison.  Finally consider those who suggest more meetings and reports, and new bureaucratic ways to complain about the actions of bishops.  It is like fighting fire with paper.  It is like treating a cancer with a few aspirin.  This is a supernatural problem at least decades in the making, requiring a natural response, yes, but also a supernatural response.  In other words, a response that many of these bishops and the modernists they have made and brought into the Church know nothing about.

And do not believe that these are all old incidents, things of the past.  The strategy of this nefarious network has been to hide these matters, intimidate those who would speak of them, keep them covered up until criminal statute of limitations have passed, if not forever.  Such is the nature of evil, it clothes itself in darkness and denial.  Read the accounts of the brave priests who have fought it, read the accounts of current seminarians.  It is still going on, counting on us to dismiss it all yet again.

Satan and his minions are on the prowl in the halls of our seminaries right now, bishops and cardinals are covering up unspeakable evils being committed under their care today, victims whom Christ would have put first have been put last by a Church under attack on a supernatural level this very second.  This battle must be joined now or the rot will continue.

We must do all we can to fight this as ecclesiastical and as civil communities, but at the same time we must strive to remain in a state of grace and to offer our best and most sincere prayers for the restoration of our holy Church, the protection and safety of the many good clerics within it, we must fast and we must harness our sufferings each and every day and offer them for the cleansing of Holy Mother Church and its leaders who do not seem to realize the gravity of the problem they have created or otherwise allowed.

Strive to make your offerings worthy, and may God have mercy on our souls.


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