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From the Pastor: Vigano!
Bulletin article, September 2, 2018

Last Saturday evening news broke regarding a statement the former Papal Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Vigano, was releasing. I was extremely grateful that I had already announced that I was going to be preaching a series of explanatory sermons on the Traditional Latin Mass.

Whew! I certainly didn’t want to have to jump right back into the quagmire of filth which so many our bishops have been complicit in producing and covering up. It was certainly a nice surprise that the whistleblower was such a high-ranking Churchman since his arguments would have to be given at least a look-see before labeling him a kook.

Of course, label him they did, quickly enough. I am not going to go into any details about his statement since I assume that you all have read it or at least have read about it. (If you haven’t, what in the world are you waiting for?) But I do want to point out that it reaffirms what we have been seeing come out of the Pennsylvania grand jury report recently. Remember that that report was not (though you might never know this from most of the media coverage) uncovering hundreds of cases of recent child sexual abuse by priests and it was not (though you might never know this from most of the media coverage) uncovering anywhere near equal abuse towards females as towards males.

Most, by far, abuse in the report was homosexual in nature and from before the Church took steps to get rid of the publicly accused abusive priests nearly twenty years ago. What the report showed very clearly, though, for those who wanted to see the truth beyond the sensational headlines and talking points, is that the bishops and other high ranking priests of the various dioceses involved worked to make sure that cases, both from long ago and more recently, were not brought into the public eye and, as long as they could be covered up, the priest abusers were not given the same treatment as the publicly known abusers.

The Vigano statement reinforced the truth that the cover-ups did indeed occur and that even higher ranking and deceitful bishops, including the bishop of Rome, knew of (among others) the evils perpetrated by the long-time abuser McCarrick and, rather than give him the punishment due or even keep the “secret” punishment already given by Pope Benedict, not only let him go free but also allowed him to help name men to important bishop/cardinal positions.

So it seems that we now have one more very convincing bit of evidence that cover-up by—and double standards for—bishops exist.

I have to admit that it has been somewhat entertaining, the way a demolition derby is entertaining, to watch the media and those named react. The bishops reacted as I would expect. They were called out for immorality and lies and they reacted with the same: lies and defamation and obfuscation or, in one case, with arrogance and silence. The media have been squirming, too, and twisting themselves up into pretzels in trying to figure out how to bash the hated Church as much as possible while at the same time protecting active homosexuals and homosexual activists.

They would, for any Pope prior to 2013, have run front page stories of his alleged crimes/sins. But Francis has surrounded himself with AH/HAs as nobody else in a position of power. Ever. No CEO of any firm, no president of any country, not all of them put together, have publicly praised and promoted and protected and empowered so many openly AH/HA men (priests, no less) than has Francis.

And for this, the mainstream media owe him great allegiance, for sodomy is one of their unholy gods. (Tampa Bay Times: “Bishops accused! Priests accused!” are huge front page stories, whereas “Francis accused!” got a very small, second page story, though it is without doubt of greater worldwide importance and shines light on the PA report they had just highlighted.)

I say this not to somehow get pleasure out of blasting Francis or the media, but simply as a statement so true that every normal person can see it. “Normal” being understood as “normal” traditionally has been understood, that is, not as it is today, for “normal” today is severely grotesque.

Very quickly the media joined AH/HA bishops and priests in doing all in their power to ruin Vigano’s reputation. He is crazy, cruel, a liar, out for personal gain, and has every other personal defect that they can conjure up. They are showing very clearly another good reason “Why Priests Don’t Blow the Whistle.”

Archbishop Vigano has had to go into hiding in fear of his life, fearing murderous retribution from men of the cloth. Who would have believed it just a few months ago?

I will end with this. During the Great Flood, the only place in the world where people didn’t die was on the ark. Even if Noah had been a lousy captain, anyone jumping overboard to “save themselves” would have perished.

The same is true today. There is no salvation outside the Church, which was often of old called the Barque (old sailing ship) of Peter. It is suicide to leap over the rail even if the captain has purposefully steered the ship into a hurricane.

A mutinous crew may be doing much damage but the mishandled ship will always be safe. They can’t force you to go to hell with them as long as you remain on the ship and stay loyal to her founder, Jesus Christ.

With prayers for your holiness,
Rev. Fr. Edwin Palka

Author: Traditian Order

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