The Dominionists: Populations

It is the mission of the Order is to evangelize and defend Catholic tradition itself via social media.  To that end we have a number of apostolates, this site being one.  On Facebook, we have a page called the Dominionists, the goal of which is to help people understand the traditional view of the environment and mankind’s role toward it.

The environment is now under the “protection” of modern environmentalists and their leaders, who are more concerned with advancing socialism than they are in being good stewards of God’s creation.

This website being the face of the Order, as we go forward we will be sharing posts from some of our apostolates here.

POPULATIONS. State laws regulate the hunting and fishing of animals to protect the populations of creatures useful to mankind and other species, and where the species are invasive, dangerous or out of balance, we relax those regulations. This is a part of our God-given, natural duty, having been given dominion over the other creatures. Often compassion is called for in our role as stewards of creation, but at other times it’s just plain time to kill the snakes:

80 pythons caught in Florida’s 2020 Python Bowl

Burmese pythons are not native to Florida and have devastated the state’s native wildlife.


Author: Traditian Order

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