What’s A Traditian Order Again?

By Patrick Pierce, Traditius

Patrick Pierce

We are doing some regathering lately as we renew the Order as both a place that honors tradition, and a place that looks to world events from the perspective of Catholic Intregralism, a part of that tradition.  Where the Order plans to fit into the Integralist world, philosophically and politically, is the subject of an upcoming column here.  But where we are coming from must be set out first.

First, if you dig very deep you will find that the word traditium (Trah-dit-ee-um) refers to the content of tradition and traditio refers to the handing on of tradition.  Many years ago it seemed like a marvelously unused word to use as the title of a blog.  It began with Traditium, Comments on the Culture, a blog created by Patrick Pierce, a Florida attorney, to comment on current events, and inform interested parties on how to look at the world from a different, traditional perspective, one often critical of the culture and the pervasive effects of ______.  At first the preceding blank was filled with the word Relativism, meaning the general idea that there can be multiple truths and the damage that such as idea can do and was doing.

As we dug deeper, the many faces of relativism seemed just a symptom of something deeper, and after some contemplation, the blank would come to be filled with the word Modernism.  Many of our columns over the last few years explored that theme, leaning the site a bit less from politics and a bit more toward religion.  With this as the motivating factor, the Traditian Order (Trah-dit-ee-in) was born as a place for tradition-minded Catholics to gather, educate others, talk about current events, and fan out from to defend tradition across social media.  That was the idea, and we actually did some of that.  Somehow, though,  the Order ended up with a lot of members who didn’t have a lot of time, which is the story of modern life, and it didn’t accomplish much.  Some great writers were gained, some articles were posted, the beginnings of some informational pages on the site were set up, but the steam ran out, and once people stopped writing for the page it became a bit of a wasted effort.

Still, there was the digging–the reading, the disgust at current events within the Church and without, the search for answers in history, psychology and even philosophy.  That search led us to the Josias, to professor Adrian Vermeule, to the FrenchAhmari uproar on social media, to Servais-Théodore Pinckaers to many others for advice, through a process of overcoming some of our own obstacles, and finally to the final word to fill in that blank above: Liberalism.  Not the virtue, not the politic term, but the skewed idea of liberty that grew so monstrous that it has all but driven faith from the respected public square.  The sort of Liberalism that can only be remedied with some type of Integralism.

We bring with us to this cause some of our existing outposts around social media: The Paleoconservatives, a Facebook page about the depths of modern culture and politics; the Dominionists, a Facebook page about the environmentalism without socialism; The Traditium, the personal blog page of Patrick Pierce with a Facebook page here, the Traditian Order, the home of the Order on social media, the Traditium on MeWe, Traditian Catholica on Instagram, the Catholic Integralist, a Facebook page meant to link to stories and writings on the topic, and others.  Late next month we hope to begin our podcast, In The Traditium.  (By the way, if you believe in and want to help with any of these efforts send us a note).

At the moment, the particulars of our philosophy are being spelled out in a column called Integralism and the Process of Crystallization and Clarification, which we expect out in March, before the new podcast.  We hope to gain new members, favorable to Catholic tradition and Integralism, who are interested in writing and defending these causes in print and in social media (we happily reprint recent articles if they are on topic).  And of course, we are looking for followers to like, follow, comment, spread the word and otherwise make all of these efforts worthwhile.

Welcome back!

Author: Traditian Order

The Traditian Order account is run by the Grand Master of the Order and/or a member of its Governing Council.

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