The Traditian Order is a Catholic lay apostolate with the mission of preserving the great and ancient traditions of the Church.  We believe that the attempts to “modernize” the Church are the very things that are making it smaller and less relevant.  The flimsy presumptions of this Age need to be confronted by Holy Mother Church in all her glory instead of slowly conceding its traditions to an empty culture.  A Church that assumes the values of the culture in any given age is little more a social club, whereas the Church fully aware and confident of its traditions, its supernatural nature, and its foundational teaching authority is a force to be reckoned with through the ages.

Members of the Traditian Order, men and women, are asked to review and take the Oath Against Modernism created by Pope Saint Pius X.  This places our members on the side of Christ and against an Age that denies the traditional and the supernatural.  Members of the Traditian Order are asked to drink in the Faith, to learn it and its history.  To this end, as they review its history they are to identify the great and persuasive arguments and teachings over the ages, and to help gather them together so that they and the Order itself can share them with new members.  In addition, members have and will write pieces about tradition, faith and current events here on our website.

Because the Order takes no position on Vatican II, since it is most concerned with the great traditions and not recent Church history, it welcomes members interested in its goals including those from the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Churches in communion with Rome, the ICKSP, FSSP and SSPX, provided the individuals in question are mature and looking to be part of a team.

The mission is to take the battle for tradition and against modernism into every corner of social media, and into the public square.  We publicly embrace the Traditional Latin Mass, the great pieties, the saints, the angels, the Virgin Mary mother of God, the Holy Ghost and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the way the truth and the life, who sits at the right hand of the Father.  As part of this, we provide fellowship, support and motivation to our brothers and sisters who support our cause, because those who cling to the traditional faith can at times feel few and far between, at least until our mission is done.  And so we meet in the interconnected catacombs of the internet until we are large enough to meet in every state and every country, or until Christ returns.

There is not a great deal more to it, only to regroup and take the battle to the modernists, but these ideas alone are revolutionary in a post-modern age where we are expected to believe that what is true for you might not be true for me.  Truth is universal.  Truth is transformational.  Truth is Christ.  These ideas bring us together, give us a view of the Age outside of its biases and the forces that create them, and drive us to preserve the truth of tradition beyond this Age and to keep them alive until Christ’s return.

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