What’s A Traditian Order And How Does It Work?

helmet onlyThe Traditian Order has now been taking members for about six months, and has been developing its structures as it steadily grows.  If you’ve been curious what it’s all about, please take this opportunity to review our new How It All Works page to see what the Order is about, and whether our mission might very well be yours as well.

Traditian Order Bible Study

booksWith the Traditian Order’s Consecration to Jesus Through Mary finishing on Monday, there are some things to be addressed.  First and most importantly, the Order has decided that the Consecration will be an annual event every year, beginning 33 days before Our Lady Of Fatima, a patron of our Order.

Second, beginning June 1, 2018 the Traditian Order will begin an 18-month study of the entire Catholic Bible.  Members will comment and study on our private Discord Channel, and we will also create a Facebook group page so that the public can join us if they wish to participate.  It will not be strictly led, but will rather be a discussion with participation from all on each book.  If you are a Bible scholar and would like to join us, you would be most welcome.

If you would like to do so from within the Order, please select Join The Order from the tab above, if you would like to participate through Facebook, look for our new group page here.  Seen you in June!

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Comments for the Ages?

preservationLearn Tradition.  Defend Tradition.  Teach Tradition.  Those are the three mandates on the members of the Traditian Order.  We have now launched a series of pages to begin in earnest the job of teaching Catholic Tradition on our website.  We have divided history into 10 Ages and listed them on our Tradition: Resources page.

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The Patrons

It is with the greatest appreciation that the Traditian Order announces that its members have prayed, voted, and selected almost unanimously, the patrons of our Order.

OLOFOur Lady Of Fatima: As we continue the Order’s Total Consecration aiming for its culmination on the celebration of Our Lady of Fatima on May 13, 2018, we will have twice the reason to celebrate because the Order now has as one of its patrons Our Lady of Fatima.   The miraculous events in Fatima of Our Lady need to be brought back before the attention of a whole new generation, and a sharply changed culture, to ignite a renewed passion for Mary and her son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We look forward to adding to our mission raising the profile of the great Miracle at Fatima and the great and humble grace of Our Lady.

PiuxXpatronPope Saint Pius X:  The Great Pope, Saint, humble soul and scourge of the modernists, Pius X was truly a man of the whole Church.  While some claim him and some barely recall his greatness, he was, at the end of the day a straightforward man of Tradition and defender of the Faith.  Our Order similarly is for the whole Church, and seeks to bolster and back those who desire to preserve its great traditions in this age where many turn their back on them.  To bring Pope Saint Pius X back to current memory, to invoke him as we in many ways fight the same battles he did, and to have him at our backs in those battles, will be an honor and a privilege.

The Queen of Heaven


I have had one opportunity to view the Tilma of Saint Juan Diego prominently on display at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  It was in my early twenties while I was working as a contractor on the Mexican Railroad.  The chance to see it could easily be described as providential.  We were logging ninety hour weeks and had not begun a day with any destination in mind.  Mornings began promptly with packing up suitcases from the night before, and at sundown we would find a room wherever the railroad had brought us.  Somehow, Mexico City became the only extended destination of our month long journey down the railways of the Ferrocarril.  Knowing I was as close to the Basilica as I would ever be; I hailed a cab and went to Tepeyac Hill where Juan Diego had first encountered the Blessed Virgin.

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