Member Duties

The mission is to learn, defend, and spread the Catholic tradition which is underserved in this age, that being the traditions from the time of Christ to about 1960 A.D..

Members very early on should join our Discord server, which is where official messages will be posted, and where members from any social media space can meet and chat. Follow this link: When it asks what people should call you please enter your title in the Order, so: Brother/Lady “Name” of “State”. If you’ve forgotten yours feel free to ask. These names add another thin layer of privacy that some members desire.


Beyond the basics, the idea was that everyone is busy but if everyone can put in around 30 minutes a week we can begin to move things. Some will be motivated to do more, some will be too busy to do much more. But the goal is to advance the mission each week. This page is still being worked on, and ideas are greatly welcomed, but below are some ideas.

1. SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: While just surfing the web or social media and liking or sharing things doesn’t really count, specifically posting something educational about tradition, even if short, or supporting such an argument on social media does count I would think. As well as “coming to the rescue” of beleaguered traditionalists on social media being ganged up on by helping them in their apologetics, and informing the Order if more help is needed. Social media can cost souls, and should be taken seriously to that extent.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA LOCATIONS: Making accounts in social media locations where tradition might be underrepresented can help spread the word. Indeed, beyond this webpage, Facebook and Twitter we need people who might want to co-run pages for the Order on other social media platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram, etc.

3. WRITING ON OUR PAGE: If you are a sharp writer and enjoy researching aspects of tradition that are related to current events we might ask you to be an author for posts on our webpage and you should certainly say that you are interested. Some guidelines:

a. Once you are set to become a writer, you will be invited as an author on the page. The article must be either written in, or cut and pasted into, WordPress. WordPress will then let you view how it will look and you can make the appropriate changes in the view tab. Some basic knowledge of html code is helpful but not essential because most can be done in the view mode. If it requires a long time for someone to edit, it may not be posted for quite a while.

b. Posts should be on the topic of Catholic tradition including, if you wish but not necessarily, how it applies to current events or to personal experiences you have had. You should note that your audience is the public, not necessarily only those in the Order.

c. Please confirm that the author is set to *you* at the top, if you have that option.

d. Please “sign” it at the bottom with your name in the Order: Brother/Sister _____.

e. Until everyone has posted a few columns, please finalize your draft in WordPress and then let Traditius know it is done so he can make sure the settings are correct and that it will post in all of our social media locations. He will then “publish” it. If you feel it needs specific review for spelling, grammar, punctuation, please let him know that–it’s no problem.

f. Two specific ideas are: First, a piece about the Virgin Mary, Fatima, and the like during our consecration event from April 10-May 13, 2018. Second, we encourage a piece by each author at some point explaining how they were able to escape the thinking of modernity and to discover Catholic tradition, and what that means for them.

4. LATIN MASS: Beyond online, our Knights and Ladies might work in the real world to support efforts to bring the Latin Mass to a particular diocese. I have made an unincorporated association called the Florida Catholic Heritage Association that tries to identify traditionalists and people supporting the Traditional Latin Mass in Florida together to talk and compare notes–similar groups could be made in your area or your state–I would be happy to share what we have done in Florida. Or check out DC Latin Mass where a layman (and Member of the Order) puts together all of the Traditional Latin Masses in the area. Look also at Cream City Catholic and Detroit Church Blog and see how they’ve centralized resources respecting Catholic tradition in parishes in their cities.

5. TRADITIONAL READING LIST: We are also trying to develop a list of online resources and books that are particularly persuasive and easy to access to help people walk through tradition and history and learn it as if they are just beginning. See the Traditional Reading List page. Church history is divided into 10 ages on the list and for each we are looking for resources from the basic to the more advanced. When this list is done we will attack the rank system to reading these materials, or develop a title system where people are noted as a Scholar of the List or something along those lines. Help with this project is greatly appreciated.

6. ACT LOCAL: We encourage Members of the Order to join local Catholic groups particularly groups like the Ancient Order of the Hibernians (Irish) or other ethnic-related groups. While they are typically older group often in dire need of members, this is perfect for our Order which seeks to learn, defend and educate on tradition. Indeed, the possibility of leading these groups, growing them, and making them bastions of the traditions they were founded on is an exciting prospect. Where they are not available or viable, organizations like the Knights of Columbus are an excellent place to act locally. There is even a Latin Mass Association of the Knights of Columbus to join.

7. T-SHIRT SHOP: We have long-term plans to fund small scholarships for students who are productive members of our organization. These might be funded by having small annual dues or developing t-shirts and other gear and accessories. If you have experience in one of these areas, you could help with these efforts.

8. SPREAD THE WORD: We are certainly looking for more like-minded members. Efforts in this regard online or in the real world certainly count.

9. PODCAST: Someone with the relevant skills might want to start a podcast for the order, interviewing members or interesting figures on the topic of Catholic tradition and how it applies in the present day, or how it applies to current events and the like.

10. CALENDAR: It is a goal to create a calendar for the Order, hopefully one that is compatible with It would be based on the traditional calendar and the missal of 1962 or 1955 featuring major Church holy days as well as feasts of saints important to the Order. You could spearhead this project?

11. LEARN A LANGUAGE: If we are going to grow it will most likely be internationally. That means we will need versions of the webpage in different languages and people in charge of them who can speak the language. Efforts in Spanish, Italian, Latin and even Polish or Hungarian would be welcome longer-term skills. is a free online language teacher for many modern languages (i.e. not Latin). Also the excellent audio-only, CD-based Pimsleur language system can be found at many public libraries for free and includes many languages.

We have a “club” on the Duolingo site for Italian learners and Spanish learners. The club is called “Traditian Order” for both. The code to join the Italian Club is “VTZKKZ”, the Irish Club code is “FKYMWJ”, the Spanish Club code is “SG9NMJ”. Clubs on Duolingo are currently only available on its mobile apps, and not on the website version of the program.

11. MORE ON THE WAY: Please comment with other ideas!