How Does It All Work?

CatapultThe Traditian (“truh-dit-ee-in”) Order’s process starts by deciding that you are a tradition-minded Catholic who wishes to learn, defend and educate others about the traditions of the Church.  Once that’s decided it’s time to review the Oath Against Modernism on our page.  The Oath, while it has many parts, is at its heart a statement that the reader believes in the Faith and its supernatural foundations.  If you agree with the Oath it’s time to fill out the application to join us, which is also on our page.

If admitted, you will receive a response email admitting you at the rank of Squire.  Squire is a probationary rank that you will hold for at least 90 days as you look around the Order and the many options it offers.  Within the Order there are Paths, Ranks, Titles and Honors.  At this time your rank will be Squire and after the 90 days (or more) are complete, and upon and approval of your selected path, you will then be promoted to the Rank of Knight rank I (See Ranks & Titles page).  Your choice of a primary path looks like this:

Paths Chart Two

As you can see, there are three “vocations” a member can choose in the Order, also called primary paths.  We will talk briefly about each.  It’s important to remember, though, that we are not asking for a major commitment of time.  If each member can chip in 30 minutes per week, it will go a long way to helping the cause of the Order.

    •  The Path Of Chaplain:  Seminarians, religious brothers and sisters and priests all follow the path of Chaplain in the Order.  Though we have the name “Order” in our title we are a lay apostolate and accept members even if they are already in a formal Order.  While it is in development at this time, our goal is to create supplemental resources for Catholic seminarians who might be discouraged from learning tradition or the Traditianal Latin Mass in their seminary.  We hope to have advise from experienced priests and to provide links and stories to help seminarians learn the great traditions of the Church that modern courses can sometimes de-emphasize in this age.  Also, of course, priests and religious brothers and sisters are asked to help members develop as Christians in their spiritual lives, and finally they are asked to pray for the Order and its members.  Chaplains can be any rank and will have the title of Chaplain-Novice, Chaplain-Brother, Chaplain-Sister or Chaplain-Father depending on their status in the real world.  Also, lay members of the Order can select to be an Acolyte as an avocation or secondary path, and can thus help the Chaplains with their work.

    • Guild Market The Path of Guilds:  Most of our members will select the Path of Guilds.  During their 90 days Squires will see the guilds available and be able to learn about them and select one.  Each guild has its own members, leaders and responsibilities.  Guild members can be any rank and will have the title of either Guild Master or Guild Member.  The guilds at the present time are:

      Diplomats’ Guild: This guild is in charge of recruitment and our general dealings with other social media entities, bloggers and apostolates, in addition to inviting individual people by email or other means to join the guild if they make a good match for our missions

      Historians‘ Guild:  This guild is in charge of researching the historic side of Catholic tradition and how it has been applied in practice over the ages.  This guild is also in charge of developing the Tradition Resources / Readings pages on the website.

      Inquisitors’ Guild: This guild is in charge of the bishop ranking system.  Bishops of the world will be evaluated with an A for bishops who, for example, support the extraordinary form of the Mass and the Church’s timeless traditions, and an F for those who are overtly modernist, seeking to change the traditions and scuttle the Traditional Latin Mass.  Sources must be kept and cited, with evaluations being released when groups of them are completed.

      Literary Guild: This guild is for our voracious readers who keep a finger on the pulse of Catholic literature.  It offers a yay or nay on recommended books for our online library, together with submitting either full reviews or summaries for the site.

      – Political Guild: This is the guild In charge of the Order’s political pages, researching types of government, ways to influence state, federal and local government action and the grading and endorsement of candidates, which may include finding and vetting Traditional Catholics to run for local offices.

      Scribes’ Guild:  This is the guild of the writers, those who write online about tradition and its application to current events on the main website.  The guild is also responsible for other major writing projects of the Order.  It is for strong writers who do their research and are prolific–members of the Scribes Guild must write at least six pieces a year for the Order in addition to their other projects.

      Subsidiarians’ Guild: This is the guild that is in charge of coordinating local issues.  It is in charge of the Catholic Heritage Associations under the Order’s control.  The state and provincial Catholic Heritage Associations find and share information about the Traditional Latin Mass, about tradition educational and other resources available at the state and local levels.

  •  The Path of Command: Modernism could be described as the belief that the new should replace the traditional, including the replacing the doctrine and timeless understandings of the Catholic faith with the beliefs of our particular age.  So understood, it follows that the battle against it must be waged in the new digital reality and our eyes must be everywhere on social media and across the web.  The various social media locations (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) we call “outposts” thus need someone to maintain our presence there.  Each such outpost is a Command–someone in charge of posting our materials there, advancing our mission, and watching what is going on.  Instead of a guild, members can select a open Commander or Subcommander position to take charge of for the order.  In addition to online, the Traditian Order is looking to have commanders in real-world locations to advance our mission.  These commanders may be in charge, for example, of our Spanish language page or other locations and languages as we grow.  Commanders can be of any rank and will have the title of either Commander or Subcommander.

  •  All members, regardless of their path are tasked with learning, defending and educating about Catholic tradition.  As such all have a duty to defend tradition wherever it, or its adherents, might be challenged.  This can be helping in the battle online or in the real world.  Also, we are seeking to build a team of Prayer Warriors who will pray for the Order regardless of their path.

  • Events:  In addition to all of the above, the Order regularly has events open to  the public including its recent Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary what culminated on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima in 2018, and our new Bible Study group on Facebook that is looking to complete the Bible in 18 months by reading it at the same time.  Participation in these events help members develop spiritually and within the Order itself by earning honor designations.

  • Avocations / Secondary Paths: Avocations are optional paths that any member may choose in addition to their primary path. Even though these are not primary paths, a full effort is expected if a member chooses a secondary path in addition to their primary path.  The Traditian Legion and the Paladins are avocations, as is the choice of a second guild (or first guild if on another path), a subcommand on the Commanders path, and the choice to be an Acolyte, a lay member who helps the Chaplains with their duties within the Order.


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