Cogitatio: Against Modernism

Cogitatio For The Fifth Week of January 2018:

“For I judged not myself to know anything among you, but Jesus Christ, and him crucified.”

First Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Corinthians 2:1

For the modernist, the main tool is shame. Are you so silly a person that you believe in prayer, in angels and miracles, that bread can become the body of Christ before your eyes?

Everything must be explained by science or it cannot be, the Age cries, and you would be a fool to believe these things. They are superstitious, magic, supernatural.

And on this last bit they are correct. To be Christian is to believe in the supernatural–to believe that things outside of nature, indeed above nature, can happen. If you believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, then this includes you.

The instant you realize this, that the universe contains more truth than can be measured, quantified or tested, the scales should fall from your eyes and the world should become a more miraculous place. For now you begin your true journey, shedding the dual priorities of ego and individualism and replacing them with a quest for eternal salvation.

It is this very thing that Pope St. Pius X sought to confirm in people by drafting the Oath Against Modernism, which is the core of the Traditian Order. All of our members will take this Oath, and will be recognizable as people who have made the choice to believe that there is more to this world, indeed that the Kingdom of God surrounds us.

Cogitatio: The Catacombs

Cogitatio For The Fourth Week of January:

The million wires, beams, bits and bytes of social media are now our catacombs, where the traditionalists wait and watch, many filled with anxiety. For every step the modernists take toward claiming the church, though, they lose people in the pews, priests in the parishes, faithful who know that what modernity offers is dried and hollow, nothing more than empty politics wrapped in flowery language.

The growing parishes and orders are instead those renewed with tradition, charged with supernatural grace, packed with faithful who reject the modern age as Jesus and the Apostles demanded. They fill their churches as the modernists stand ready to declare their victory in all the empty ones. Ingredient in the modernists’ victory is their defeat. The prize they seek is a church unconnected to the mystical, the supernatural, the eternal. An empty shell. And that is the prize they will get.

The task of the traditionalist is to stand ready, to plan for the day, to be prepared to catch the body of the Church and to breathe tradition back into its lungs. To learn the faith of the ages and to be unafraid. To train and prepare so that the gates of Hell, as promised, do not prevail against the Church founded by Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Modernism is not unbeatable. Like the devil itself, it is already beaten, it just does not understand its fate yet.

What is the Order?

Full Traditian BannerThe Traditian Order is a lay Roman Catholic apostolate dedicated to the defense, propagation and teachings of Jesus Christ, the traditions and culture of the Church He founded, the restoration of those traditions in a culture in dire need of the Church in all her glory.

We are set up as an order might be during the Middle Ages, with ranks, missions and specialties but at the end of the day all members of the Traditian Order are required to take the Oath Against Modernism of Pope St. Pius X and to be defenders again the intrinsic evils of our age.  All members are dedicated to learning the faith and its history and preserving it in an Age where it is scarcely known.  All are protectors of tradition.

Traditio est veritas.