A Few Thoughts This Earth Day

pexels-photo-346885.jpegI am late to the party as usual. Authors with a good sense of time are responsible and submit their thoughts for publishing at least a week prior to any given holiday. That is not me; unfortunately, I am more often the last to the show because I don’t really look much at calendars. This invariably means I manage to get T-Boned by low holidays when I wake the morning of.  Nonetheless, I have a few reflections on this particular secular feast.  For Christians it is one that should, at the minimal, be approached with extreme skepticism.

Of course, I am speaking of Earth Day.

The annual celebration began in 1970 in response to activist John McConnell’s proposition at a UNESCO conference to “honor the earth and the concept of peace.” On its face, this day should not seem out of line with the faith. We worship the Prince of Peace and are vocationally called to be good stewards; so what is the problem? For one, Earth day is not so peaceful when considering a particular theme synonymous with the holiday’s celebration.

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Cogitatio: Christ Was Here

Cogitatio For The Fourth Week of April, 2018 A.D.:

The month of April, 2018 has been a poignant one for Christianity.  It ends with the English medical and court systems basically leaving little Alfie Evans to the elements, despite so many prayers and opportunities for him to be treated elsewhere.  His life at the moment hangs in the balance with no telling what will happen except that England as a nation now leaves behind the last shreds of its Christianity, opting for whatever comes after.  It was all a stunningly pre-Christian, even pagan, tableau.  Leave the weak to fend for themselves, it’s better off if they go, no use for them to suffer, and no need to worry because the tyrannical state will decide it all for you.

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Cogitatio: Take Up Your Cross

The cross was meant for the worst enemies of Rome.  Ugly, painful, shameful, torturous humiliation for all the world to see.  And this, not the giving of gifts, not the hiding of eggs, not the message that obeying the Bible leads to wealth and power, this cross is the center of the Christian faith.  In some mysterious way the path to everlasting life leads us on a trail through suffering and self-sacrifice, sacrifice for others, sacrifice for God.

This is Lent.

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Conversion on the Way to Damascus. Caravaggio, 1601, oil on canvas, depicting Acts 9:1 et seq.

Paul Damascus Caravaggio

The sense of awkwardness is not hidden but rather front and center, the fact that Saul is the only one affected is almost humorously plain, the energy of the moment is all clear but also hidden behind his face.  Comments are open.