Irish flagIn 1983 Ireland passed a Constitutional Amendment, the Eighth, which recognized the equal right to life of a mother and an unborn child.  The Amendment, recognizing in law the life of the unborn child, made it difficult if not impossible for the Irish government to bring legislation allowing for abortion except in exceptional circumstances.  It was, in short, a lifesaver, protecting the children of Ireland while the specter of the death of the most innocent of us otherwise crossed the European continent, having already claimed the United States by a decision of its unelected judges the decade before.

On Friday, May 25, 2018, however, the Irish Eighth Amendment is on the ballot again, this time to protect or repeal.  While there have been recent stories of how the process is unfair, the media is biased, the politicians untruthful, and the polling inaccurate, all of which are likely so, the most striking thing is the foreign money that has flowed into Ireland to influence the decision.

George Soros, for example, who never saw a civilization-debilitating cause he didn’t like, is pouring money into Ireland on behalf of the repeal the 8th effort, which would pave the way to abortion on demand (see George Soros Illegally Bankrolling Campaign To Amend Ireland’s Constitution, Government Watchdog Says among others).  Moreover, money from America’s political left has also been unusually interested in the project to end the protection of innocents in Ireland for years (see here).

Some question whether Ireland is any longer the Catholic haven it once was, and perhaps the vote just over three months from now will be telling in this regard.  It is, though, one of the last countries to fall to the culture of death if so, and seeing happen, if it does, will bring a lot of sorrow to many both within Ireland and around the world.

While time is short, there is still time enough to pray, to bring notice to the issue, to have Mass intentions for it, to like and spread #SaveThe8th / #ProtectThe8th efforts on social media.  Indeed, there are ways to help monetarily with just a bit of research.

The progressive, political left has made this an international issue by pouring money into Ireland to drag it farther from Christ and His Church.  It is passed time we accepted their invitation and joined the fight on the side of life.