The Day of the Patron

PiuxXpatronAugust 21 is the day on the modern Church calendar set aside to recognize the great Pope Saint Pius X.  While most moderns recognize him only as a few of the initials in the curious “SSPX” group, in fact he is a pope for the whole Church.

Pope St. Pius X recognized and battled modernism, the heresy of our day, fighting it in the Church.  Had he prevailed, we almost certainly would not be fighting the battles we must today.

While it is a Monday, still you owe it to yourself to spend some time researching this great man, and understanding what he tried to do for you so all of this would not happen.


From The Pastor: One Proposed Solution

Below is the most recent bulletin article of Fr. Edwin Palka, found in the Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida’s bulletin of August 19, 2018 and shared by Father in a Facebook post on his page the day before. Fr. Palka is the pastor at the main Traditional Latin Mass parish in the Diocese of St. Petersburg and also a member of the Traditian Order. His last three weeks of columns have caught national attention due to his bravery in frankly discussing the scandals in the Church.

From the Pastor: One Proposed Solution
Bulletin article, August 19,  2018

Finally. I am done. At least for now! I am tired of writing about active homosexual and homosexual activist (AH/HA – aha! Now you get it!) priests and bishops. I thought it was important for people to have their eyes opened to this sick reality, but exposing this “hidden in plain sight” evil is not the goal. Eradicating it is. The current state of the Church can be depressing, even capable of bringing about spiritual despair. But it need not be. There is always hope. A well founded hope, in fact.

The Light of Christ will conquer the darkness. The Immaculate Heart will triumph. We know that. But what can we do? First and foremost, we must pray and fast. “Oh, no, Father, not that old line!” Yes. We are battling demonic Antichrists when facing men delighting in homosexual desires and actions and all that emanates from them. Some kinds of demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting according to Our Lord’s explanation in Mt. 17:21 in every Bible except our bishops’ own New American Bible. Interestingly, in the next verse He once again tells his apostles that He will be betrayed (by Bishop Judas Iscariot). If you have any doubts as to the demonic activity of the AH/HAs, for the love of God read Richard Sipe’s (+RIP) works ( and the Pennsylvania grand jury report, read them. They do not detail “icky” stuff; they detail demonic activity.

Only once you know the enemy will you see the necessity of fortifying yourself with prayer and fasting. Then you can put your faith into action. But understand this: There is not a single thing—or even a dozen things—we can do which will solve this problem. We must, must, must have Divine Intervention. After all, if every guilty bishop and priest is not removed and charged, those remaining will simply keep doing business as usual. Moreover, even if every AH/HA bishop were removed today, the bishop of Rome (not unlike his predecessors who named them in the first place) would simply replace them with clones. He has, after all, openly surrounded himself with, praised, and promoted those who are openly championing and living the AH/HA life. Mull that over and then pray and fast some more.

That said, Faith without works is dead. Many good actions have been proposed by others already. I will propose one I have not yet seen put forth: help renew manhood—true Fatherhood—among the “good” clergy. Here’s why and how. People from my parish shared my bulletin article, “Why Don’t the Priests Blow the Whistle?” with others near and far. Clergy abuse victims, “neutered” priest whistleblowers, and others soon inundated me with calls, texts, messages, and emails as my article struck a chord and spread via big name websites.

I read and heard stories of ungodly horror and degrading actions and reactions. They ripped my heart out. They challenged me. Oddly enough, they also strengthened me. I spent hours a day getting an earful and responding and reaching out to those contacting me. Somehow I fit it in my schedule and even found more time than normal to pray. How could I not? They needed it. I needed it. I think my fellow priests and the bishops need to hear and read such stories as well, and hear them directly, not just from blogs and Catholic news sites, for I am convinced that few are actually reading the morbid details exposed there. So, following and in union with the prayer and fasting, I am proposing and praying that all victims of clergy abuse, all who witnessed or intimately know of such abuse, all who have been raked over the coals trying to expose such abuse, including priests, seminarians, and ex’s of both groups, send their stories, certified mail for proof of receipt, to their parish priest(s) and bishop(s), the papal nuncio, and the Bishop of Rome.

I know full well that this is extremely difficult but including your name with contact information will make a huge difference in how it will be received. The bad clergy won’t care, though they might brazenly lie about how concerned they are. The good ones may have their Fatherhood restored and revitalized as they grieve for and with their hurting children. You may not be able to tell the difference. No matter. It will touch those who still have a mustard seed of faith. How can it not? No real Father will do nothing when his son has been molested. No real Father will settle for more guidelines on proper and improper behavior. No real Father will remain silent, ignore the victim, excuse the perpetrator, blame clerical celibacy or “rigidity” or the male-only priesthood, or dodge the truth that our current major scandals (though there are others) are the direct and inevitable result of ordaining and retaining AH/HAs. A real Father will address the real problem head on. He will kick butt, not kiss it.

It is also dang sure time for you, whether you have children or not, to change parishes and schools/CCD if your priest is AH/HA, heretical, or a “don’t make waves” type.  Now is not the time to whimper, “But I don’t have proof…” for that may only come 20 or 50 years from now.  Homeschool your children if needbe.  Drive hours on Sunday if need be to attend Mass.  Quit making excuses. Faithless priests will molest and/or cover for others. If you read the reports mentioned above, you know it’s the truth. These “men” have sold their souls to the devil.  RUN!

With prayers for your holiness,
Rev. Fr. Edwin Palka

A Call For a Supernatural Reaction

Fra Angelico Final Judgment

While it was a worldly force that may have found its way into the Church regardless, modernism, the mother of all heresies, a philosophy that eschews the supernatural aspects of the faith, began creeping into the Church early in the last century.  That is, if not all the way back to the “Enlightenment.”  Regardless, it was finally powerful enough to exert its influence in the 1960s, coinciding with the Second Vatican Council.  As the world became post-Christian and less supernaturally aware in the decades following the counsel, this toxic worldview spread within the Church with less suspicion and increasing vigor.

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The Bureaucrats Who Were Once Bishops

Pope meets the Italian Conference of Bishops (CEI) on Monday

There is much to lament concerning our leadership within the church.  Their systematic failure to protect innocent children against predatory clergy, one Bishop’s decision to console those predators over reigning down fury in a just and merciful manner, Cardinal Wuerl’s choice to hire PR firms and high powered attorneys when his failings came to light, and the Vatican’s self-congratulating back slaps for the moral culture not being much worse in the midst of this latest crisis are to name a few.  What appears abundantly clear, on top of the laundry list of issues that should distress us, is that we are being led not by Shepherds but by bureaucrats.  Our institutional church exchanged its mission as the mystical Body of Christ at some point in the twentieth century, be the exact moment at Vatican II or not, for the earthly respect of princes and kings and the crony kickbacks typically reserved for mafiosi.

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The Return of Hell

One look at these monstrous men is to know the endless pride in them.  They are not sorry, these leaders of the lavender mafia.  They are modernists, they do not fear the supernatural, they barely believe in it.  They came into the Church and their touch was rot, evil, unapologetic, vile.  They built a culture of lies, denial, conspiracy, they saw new seminarians as prey, young children as sexual objects.  There is no word for this but evil.

And as much as they have been turning tradition on its head, the truth of tradition is not influenced by convincing wording, it is not undone by a vote of the majority, it is truth and it is unassailable forever.  And these monsters will know this, because many seem too prideful to seek forgiveness, their eyes are steely walls, their souls hollow and maligned, twisting with the wind behind their emotionless facade.  They have denied that their sins are sins for too long.

And they will know Hell.  The unquenchable fire that Jesus Christ spoke about.  The never-ending agony that turning from God and going in the other direction for a lifetime earns you.  The justice that this world may never fully deliver, it will be delivered.

That voice in your head, dear bishop, honored cardinal, lifelong priest, you know who you are, and you know the voice, the one that told you that everything you did was fine and good.  The one that whispered to you to perform the hideous acts you performed, to punish the innocent the way you did, to sin and convince yourself and others that it was not sin.  That voice was not God, that voice was the very prince of darkness, or one of his minions, such as yourself, and he awaits you in the supernatural afterlife you never quite believed in.

You have a fleeting chance to find true remorse, to tell all of the truth and confess all of your sins.  You are probably too prideful, and if so you will burn and your name will be counted among the most vile and putrid names of human history.  But if you repent, turn on the other minions of darkness, cast a light on all of it, restore what you have torn down, believe what you have never really believed, and step down you may have hope.

But if you do not, you will burn in the fires of hell forever, and will have an eternity to learn the painful lesson that truth does exist, sin does corrupt, and judgment does come, whether you like it or not.



Seed Tray LegendThe Traditian Gardens begin with a seed tray put together this very evening.  We have selected herbs to start with, mainly from the Gardens of Charlemagne, but also with some basic herbs from the later Middle Ages (or other areas of the world) that we would simply be embarrassed to leave out of any project meant to teach about herbs.

There’s really not much to see other than the contenders and the dirt they have been put in right now, but we will keep you posted.  Plus we have plenty more seeds representing the vegetables of Charlemagne’s age for planting right into the Traditian Garden in a few weeks.

Larger image here.

From The Pastor: An Apocalyptic Pandemic

Below is the most recent bulletin article of Fr. Edwin Palka, found in the Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida’s bulletin of August 12, 2018 and shared by Father in a Facebook post on his page the day before. Fr. Palka is the pastor at the main Traditional Latin Mass parish in the Diocese of St. Petersburg and also a member of the Traditian Order.  His last two weeks of columns have caught national attention due to his bravery in frankly discussing the scandals in the Church.


From the Pastor: An Apocalyptic Pandemic
Bulletin article, August 12, 2018

I hope you can handle one more article about the sorry state of affairs in the Church hierarchy today. I promise you that I will not be continuing down this road as it really takes a toll on both the author and his readers to constantly be bringing to the surface the rotting bottom layer of garbage in the compost heap, even though we all know that this arduous task is necessary to produce the fertilizer which the crops need if they are to bear good fruit. So if you can stand the smell today, I promise that next week I will propose a solution to the mess we are in. But first I think it is important to understand how we ever got to the point where so many priests and bishops are either oblivious to, accepting of, promoting, or living the AH/HA life.

Going back to the beginning of the “College of Cardinals” or “Conference of Bishops” in the Church, we note well that there was one immoral, non-believing traitor among the twelve Apostles, namely, Judas Iscariot. He is the only one specifically accused by Our Lord of not believing in the Eucharist (Jn 6:65,71-72) and it was at the Last Supper that, committing the mortal sin of receiving “the bread dipped” without “discerning the body”, satan entered into him (Jn 13:26-27 and I Cor. 11:29).

Because Judas then despaired and killed himself he did not “reproduce”, that is, he did not live to ordain any like-minded unfaithful priests or bishops. Instead, Peter, in the midst of the holy brethren, explained the scriptures being fulfilled as they chose a worthy successor to take the place of the traitor (Acts 1:15-26). But in future times up until today occasionally Judases have been found among the Successors to the Apostles and now they sometimes reproduce, making unholy clones of themselves. Let me explain.

In this diocese, and I assume there is something similar in most dioceses of the USA, about every five years or so the bishop sends a form to every priest asking who among their fellow priests they believe is cut out to be a bishop and why they believe that. Holiness, capability, friendliness, education, hygiene, etc., should all be weighed properly. Supposedly the bishop then reads with great care the results and, when the Papal Nuncio sends him a similar form, he has on hand a ready response and sends in the names of his very best priests.

Then, when an opening arises due to a bishop dying or being transferred or whatnot, the Nuncio has at his disposal a list of the best priests of every diocese and he presents to the Pope a short list of three exceptional priests who seem best qualified for the particular diocese needing to be filled. Then the Pope prayerfully chooses one and, voila, the best priests become bishops. Unless…

What happens if there is an AH/HA bishop, nuncio or Pope (or any combination thereof)? An AH/HA will never endorse someone who is not either AH/HA or extremely timid. Period. He can never promote someone who will fight against his personally chosen sin of damnation (though, not believing in sin or damnation he would never use such words). So if a “good” priest writes down any names, the form goes in the trash, perhaps after calling to the bishop’s attention a priest or two whom he needs to squash or continue to terrorize.

He will only send to the Nuncio AH/HA priests. If the Nuncio is AH/HA he likewise screens out the priests suggested by “good” bishops. Finally, if the Pope would be AH/HA, you can guess what type of priests he would insist on ordaining as bishops and which bishops he would make Cardinals so as to solidify his power and stack the deck for the next AH/HA conclave. This reproduction process starts slowly but builds steam with every new appointment every step of the way. The more AH/HA’s involved, the faster the transformation of the diocese, the Bishops’ Conference, and the worldwide Church.

I assume you all have seen pandemic and apocalyptic movies where a highly contagious disease is at first undetected or ignored until all of a sudden it becomes known and feared by everyone when it starts infecting huge numbers of people. Scientists race to control it knowing that if they cannot find a cure or at least isolate it, a time will soon come when it is so widespread and has caused so much death and destruction that it will become impossible to eradicate or even partially control. I believe we are seeing the second round of panic in this AH/HA contagion among Church clergy. The first time, the scientists (bishops) put on a public display of cleaning it up by getting rid of any really bad priests who were reported to be infected. And thanks be to God they did!

Unfortunately, they were even willing to accept collateral damage and destroy some innocent priests, too, as part of their panicked reaction. They helped bring about a general calm as concrete results brought relief but they never revealed the essential information that they had “carriers” among themselves. With new allegations worldwide about favored bishops being diseased and others knowing and covering for them, we now get to the part of the movie that keeps us on the edge of our seat. Will the evil scientists be outed? Will the contagion be controlled? Or is it too late?


With prayers for your holiness,
Rev. Fr. Edwin Palka